Squash 'Em

Squash 'Em is a new exciting game for everyone! Join sleepyhead to his epic dream adventure squashing all kinds of nightmares that come his way! Spiders, Alien, Lasers, Crazy Evil Doctors is just a taste as to what you might encounter in this full of thrill game.

Squash 'Em features:

● Super high-end 3D graphics which run on all devices!

● Myriads of cute and nasty enemies coming your way in different sizes and shapes

● Different quests per dream ensuring a unique experience which one can find only in a dream world

● Amazingly unique dream rooms taking you back... and forth...

● Starting off with 135 levels which grow without needing for an update so keep checking back for more!

● Crazy powers that will help you through your fight with the nightmares

● Get dressed to dream with different set of Pyjamas and blankets

● Watch your friends' progress and compete against them

● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock even more game features when connected to the Internet

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