Games Programmer

We are looking for a games programmer to join our team. We are looking for people who are happy to learn and try new things. Will tackle projects with AR, VR, gameplay and much more!

- C++/C#
- Unity3D
- Java/Objective-C
- Back-end experience
- Good teamplayer
- Clean code
- Knowledge of the games industry
- English Language: Native/Proficient

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Business & Community Manager

For this role a multitude of skills would be necessairy. Getting new clients, interacting with the community and promoting our games/products are the main responsibilities.

- English Language: Native/Proficient
- Knowledge of the games industry
- Have excellent communication skills
- Find ways to get our products/games/services known
- Coordinate the design of the fundamental monetization concept for our products and carry out continuous success monitoring
- Help with expanding the community of the company
- Manage and develop monetization strategies for our game based on quantitative and qualitative analyses
- Responsible for managing marketing acquisition and top level user funnel
- Explore and test new acquisition marketing channels

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Associate Producer

Associate Producers take on responsibilities delegated to them by the Producer. They work on the development and pre-production stages, and on the production. Duties can range from supervising the development team, co-ordinating the clients and finding new ways for the company to expand.

- English Language: Native/Proficient
- Have excellent communication skills
- Act decisively under pressure
- Have superb planning skills
- Be able to tackle multiple problems in an organised manner
- Good at motivating the team
- Good at supervising and delegating, creating proper schedules
- Knowledge of the games industry
- Troubleshoot production difficulties

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Game Designer

They want to bring someone in who has plenty of original ideas, Free to play experience isn't a requirement, but you must like Free To Play, and want to make F2P Games. Experience with MOBA titles are a plus too.

- Good background or understanding of F2P titles
- Brilliant 'whole project' viewpoint as well as able to focus in on key points
- Ideally an online portfolio discussing design or your own projects
- Shipped 3-4 titles
- Great attitude, maturity and approach to design
- Worked on titles from inception to completion
- Varied gameography, not a mono-genre designer

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UI Artist

- Expert in user interface design and animation
- Mobile experience
- Must know Photoshop (Flash and Illustrator a bonus, but not essential)
- A well-developed sense of colour and composition
- A substantial interest in form and typography
- A portfolio showing your talent and flexibility
- Relevant education and/or work experience
- Games experience desirable but not critical
- An excellent team-player with great communication and organization skills
- Versatile and prepared to tackle many different kinds of tasks, ranging from creative challenges to mass production
- UX experience highly desirable

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New people in the games industry join us! We are always interested in seeing new talent who want to claw their way into games! We'll be providing work from home even if you're residing in a land far far away. Send us your CVs and the successful candidates have high potential in joining us for good!
Minimul internships: 3 months. English Language: Native/Proficient

Looking to hear back from the following:
- Programmers
- Community Managers
- Game Designers
- Marketeers
- 3D Artists
- Animators
- 2D/Pixel/UI Artists
- Concept Artists

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