Skate Vikings for #SkateJam

  • Feb 28 - Mar 01, 2015

So we finally took part in a GameJam, wanted to do that for years and it went well! We are very proud of Skate Vikings! Play it here: Skate Vikings

Super Secret Title


Squash 'Em Submitted!

Squash 'Em is a new exciting game for everyone! Join sleepyhead to his epic dream adventure squashing all kinds of nightmares that come his way! Spiders, Alien, Lasers, Crazy Evil Doctors is just a taste as to what you might encounter in this full of thrill game.

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  • Nov 8, 2014

Terahard's 2 year Anniversary!!
Loving the game creation cycle!


Terahard &
League of Legends

Terahard's team joined forces with Ora in order to bring to light the Summoner's Halo, a new data visualizer for the 70 million users of the super famous game League of Legends!

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Squash 'Em's Teaser

  • May 07, 2014

This is our beautiful game's beautifully 3D rendered teaser trailer for our fans!

Squash 'Em's gameplay preview

  • Sept 07, 2014

Interested in our game? Check out our ingame video for a quick introduction to the world of Squash 'Em.

Terahard & Poplings

Poplings is an animated world for pre-school children that combines pop music, education and entertainment!

Poplings immerses kids in the magical world of Pop, the planet where all music comes from. Children play through purchasable story-packs which feature fantastic 3D narrative driven cut-scenes and music from pop artists such as Little Mix, Calvin Harris, JLS, Avicii, Cheryl Cole and more.

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Ladybird: I'm Ready for Phonics

12 fun and motivating levels to progress through, this app supports your child’s synthetic phonics learning at school. If needed, parents can manually unlock all levels at any time.

"An excellent app that walks the line between education and entertainment adroitly." Apps Playground

Ladybird: I'm Ready for Spell!

Reached No. 1 in Kids in the App Store and listed as one of the top apps on iTunes for ages 6 - 8!

Have loads of spelling fun with three mini space-themed games, and tailor the app by adding your child’s own school spellings. Let’s get ready to spell!

Read it Yourself with Ladybird

Build your child’s reading confidence and fluency with Read it yourself with Ladybird, a comprehensive, fun and successful graded reading series from the UK’s best-loved children’s publisher.

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