Terahard Ltd
Based in London, United Kingdom and Athens, Greece

Release date:
10 August, 2016

Windows 10 PC/Mobile
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Goldfather combines the tycoon's building fun with the casino's familiar games and more! Make yours, the best casino around! TOP 20 in Unity-Microsoft competition and Honorable mention!! Build the games you want to play! Use the chips you win to build a casino to your liking!


Goldfather was originally an idea created that would take the studio up to 3 months to develop. Having had experience in the past with casino games we imagined a casino game with a twist ( as always ). During the initial development time we heard of a Unity-Microsoft competition and even though we were a bit late to notice we managed to create a lot of the game in the last month by pushing with everything we had. To our great surprise we managed to get in the top 20 games out of 330 entries! Seeing as our game could do more, we invested more time to polish it and add more features.


  • Over 200 lovingly crafted and hand-painted assets to build your casino with.
  • Roulette, Yacht, wheel of fortune, keno and Slots games, more coming.
  • Build your fame and have new players visit your casino, manage them to become a great tycoon!
  • Jazz and Blues influenced music.
  • View other people's casinos and compare! Make yours, the best casino around.
  • Multilingual, Goldfather speaks English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish and Dutch


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Honorable Mention in Unity Games Developer contest 2016" 10 March, 2016

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About Terahard Ltd

Terahard Studios is a game company that was established in 2012. It has two studios based in London, UK ( HQ ) and Athens, Greece. Our team's purpose is to create outstanding games and gamified apps that will always push the barrier that people are used to today. Terahard is comprised of software engineers and technical artists who strive to create games that stand out from the masses. We work on self-published titles, but we also do work with other institutions as well. We have extensive experience in applying virtual and augmented reality technology to both apps and games using the Unity engine.

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Goldfather: Casino Tycoon Credits

Aris Tsevrenis
Business & Development, Terahard

Stathis Aposporis
Software Engineer, Terahard

Gary Dave Philpott
3D Lead Artist, Terahard

Vaggelis Ntezes
3D Artist, Terahard

Ivan Atanassov
Game Designer, Terahard

Elena Tsadila
Texture Artist, Terahard

Christopher Stratos
Concept Artist, Terahard

Aggelos Tsiflas
3D Artist, Terahard

Lawrence Steele
Sound Design, Freelancer

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